Leamington Angling News March 2022

‘Morning Anthony

I met up with a friend of mine, James Denison, who travelled up from South of London, to fish Wasperton on a guest ticket on Saturday

He was hoping for a double figure barbel 

After explaining to him where one might be found, I wandered off to find a swim. The water still had a strong flow with visibility about a foot. 

No sooner had I settled in than I got a call and trotted back along the bank to find him resting a large specimen in the margin! 

Weighed at 12lbs 6ozs and then rested again before a strong surge took the fish back into the depths, there was always the chance he would get a double, but first cast?! 

An hour or so passed and I had a possibly even more excited call, this time to witness the biggest chub I have ever seen. 6lbs 3ozs on the scales with a deep belly and proper wide back plus a very obvious feature on the right flank

Neither of us could really believe what we had seen but it proves what a great idea guest tickets are, and James was hugely thankful for the opportunity! 

All the best

George Burton


Extraordinary Pike Capture on Grand Union

As many of you know, our Ryton bailiff, Barry Swain, likes to fish for Zander on the Grand Union.

On a recent visit, he struck into a decent fish that had taken his freelined deadbait, only to see his other rod move. Quickly picking up the second rod to avoid deep hooking, he landed a very nice pike before switching back to the first rod to land another pike, even bigger. The first weighed at 15 lbs and the second just over 20 lbs.

That’s how these two cracking fish ended up in the same landing net!


Napton Pike

Hi Anthony,

I have never been to Napton reservoir, so on Sunday I thought I would take the light lure rod and some rubber lures for a walk round and maybe have a few casts in hope of a perch. After a chat to a couple of members and a few casts later, I felt a strong take and could instantly feel it was a good fish – when it came to the surface it was a Pike way above my pb of 9lb!

It wouldn’t fit in my little lure net so I had to hand land it – as I got hold of the line, it thrashed and snapped me clean off. Instead of watching a dream fish slip away, I actually jumped in to get hold of it (still had the lure in it’s mouth too) to get it unhooked and a quick photo. A big thanks to Richard Taylor who came to my assistance with netting and took this picture – we didn’t weigh it as it looked very full of spawn and thought it was best to get her back quickly and safely. We estimated at 22lb, but could’ve been more – the belly was honestly ridiculous on it. Looked like it had eaten a bream or small animal at first!

So I went home soaked and freezing but over the moon. I think you’ll agree it’s a good looking fish!

I would like to point out that despite being a strong swimmer, I wouldn’t ever enter water if I couldn’t see other anglers within shouting distance and definitely don’t recommend it – especially in cold conditions.


Richard Blackley


Litter at Wasperton

As you can imagine, landowners don’t take kindly to anglers who discard line, hooks and other litter on their land. Fortunately this rubbish was collected by a concerned member before any harm was done.

Hi Anthony,

Found this contraption on the bank near the car park by the pump at Wasperton. To give some idea, I have placed a size 6 hook next to these monstrous hooks for comparison. A dog could have picked it up easily.



Colin Arkless at Wasperton

Hi Anthony, hope your well and bagging a few.

Being the last weekend of the river season, thought I would give Wasperton another go.

The pole and groundbait stayed at home , as I’m convinced , these are spooking the fish, instead, fished a 14 foot rod, a 2g bolo float and all out maggots attack . Really going to attack the swim today, after 2 blanks .

  There was a gusting upstream wind , with waves that looked like they belonged on the north sea , but this helped with presentation , as it was straight upstream .

 Managed a great net of pristine redfin’s, with a couple of chub thrown in the mix


    I think I made the right decision 

   To say I was over the moon is an understatement. 

Roll on June 16th  Colin


The Big One – Stoneleigh – April 2nd & 3rd

20% Discount

Once again, Leamington Angling will be at the Big One at Stoneleigh, on the first weekend of April.

We have arranged a 20% discount for members buying tickets. Use the code Sav22 on the Big One website.



Kingfisher Pool, Warwick.

Kids Fishing 2022

Drop in Free Fishing

Dates for Saturday mornings are April 30th, May21st, June 18th, July 16th, August to be confirmed and September 17th. Come down to the pool 9.30am onwards. Bait and tackle provided. We’ll finish at 1.00pm.

Our Beginners Course starts Monday May 9th at 7.00pm at the Nelson Club in Warwick and should finish by 8.30pm. Then 4 dates at the Kingfisher Pool, May 16th and 23rd and June 6th and June 13th. Start at 6.00pm end at 8.00pm.

Book in at Baileys of Warwick for the course.

Telephone contact number is Sue Pratt 07506 683102.

Anyone who would like to help can call Harry on 07980 406498.


JoFish meets Carrot

Hi Anthony,

Had a great day this Saturday (26th March) ended up with 3 carp from around 10lb to 16lb and an amazing looking koi carp called carrot to end it been after it for a while now and very happy to tick it off my list 

Thanks JoFish


Rod Licence

This might be the right time to renew your Environment Agency Rod Licence (check the date as it’s now 12 months from the last renewal) or put it in your diary “to do” list.
BUT make sure you are not being ripped off. ONLY use the proper Government website…

You must always carry your rod fishing licence when you’re fishing or you could be prosecuted.
You can be fined up to £2,500 for fishing without a rod fishing licence.
Children under 13 do not need a licence.
Licences for children aged between 13 and 16 are free. You’ll still need to get a junior licence.
Finally, let’s not forget that all rivers are closed until June 16th for the close season.


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