Leamington Angling News December 2021

The End of another Eventful Year

We have had a strange year (again) but one thing is certain, angling has provided an important support to many people who have needed to get out in the fresh air and forget the difficulties of the pandemic, if only for a short while. Leamington Angling membership is still very strong and the Committee would like to wish all members compliments of the festive season and we all look forward to a New and Improved New Year in 2022. A warm spring filled with good catches!

Below are various events and catches, some old, some new.



Jubilee Fishing Tackle Car Boot Sale

DSC02490 DSC02489 DSC02493

A good time and numerous bargains were had by all at the fishing tackle car boot sale at Jubilee. The weather stayed fine and a healthy sum was raised for Association funds.


College Pool

Had a days fishing at College Pool on Saturday. Two anglers sat opposite side of lake one catching a few carp the other not catching. When they left, they came round to me moaning about the fishing. When I packed up, I walked round to where they had been fishing to find line, hooks, shot on line and floats and general rubbish. What is up with anglers today?



Jubilee Carp

Hi Anthony

Here is a picture of my new P.B weighing in at 25lbs. Stunning fish definitely one of the originals. What a fight it gave. Ros was thrilled to be there to see it as well.


From JoFish


Barry Swain on the Grand Union

BarrySwain Zander


Jon Arthur at Snitterfield Reservoir

Hi Anthony,

I took my dad Dave to Snitterfield Resy for his 73rd birthday recently. In just a few hours we caught a lovely combined bag of tench, crucians, roach and skimmers. All the fish were caught close in on very simple pole tactics, fishing with pellets, sweetcorn and Sonubaits F1 Green groundbait. My dad normally fishes with a feeder these days, so catching on float tackle made a lovely change! It was his first visit to the venue, too. Only thing he wasn’t too keen on was all the tench and skimmer slime, bless him!


JonArthur3    JonArthur2

All the best,

Jon Arthur

p.s. I’m going to Lucy’s Mill for my first ever visit tomorrow and hoping to catch a few bream for the camera.


College Pool

Hi Anthony

Here are the pictures of a beautifully marked mirror carp around 8lbs that I caught on the last cast of a roach fishing session at College Pool today.

The fish took an elderberry intended for roach and took me 30 minutes to land as I was only using a 2.7lbs bottom.

Trevor Northan

Fortunately a kindly gentleman angler named Sam from Kenilworth walked round from the opposite swim on the lake to net the fish for me, which put up an epic battle. Thanks Sam and hope to see you again soon and return the favour?

Trevor Northan


Island lake mirror and commonPaulRadford1



Jubilee Horseshoe

Hi Anthony, the rivers being flooded had a short session at Horsehoe peg 31 today. I didnt expect too much action in the cold, but had a great day in the end.

The carp fed, had 3, 10lb, 8lb, and 6.5lb. Plus 3 bream around 3 lb each, 3 good tench and a crucian. The carp were weighed, sorry about poor quality pics they refused to pose and wanted to go home😂 Reckon about 40lb of fish, very happy with that.

Best regards Ian Fraser-Mitchell


Ryton Pool

No pike at Ryton today, just one giraffe



New Carp for Jubilee

Now that the Otter fence is secure, the carp population in the Island Lake has been boosted by some superb new fish from VS Fisheries. These fish were stocked into the Island Lake in November and they will provide some fantastic sport in the spring. Here are a few photos.

Jubilee is closed now until 1st March 2022


Napton Pond

Work is continuing on the Pond next to the car park at Napton. A large fallen tree was removed a while ago and the pond has been electro fished to take out some of the small pike prior to the arrival of some small stock fish. The Environment Agency kindly provided some tench, crucians, roach and rudd from their fish farm at Calverton.

Jake Davoile (above) is the Angling Trust otter expert and he has been monitoring the area with trail cameras looking for the furry blighters to make sure that both fences are working as they should.


The Angling Trust

We are a not for profit organisation, representing anglers, fighting for fish, fishing and the environment. We are recognised by the Government as the National Governing Body for angling in England and partner with Visit Wales and Natural Resources Wales to promote Fishing in Wales. We are a member-based organisation made up of anglers of all disciplines providing a united front to represent, grow and protect our sport. By becoming a member of the Angling Trust you are helping to protect the waterways you fish in and the fish which live within them, ensuring their health and protection for future generations.

Click here for more information about membership


Jubilee Horseshoe

A consignment of quality crucians and tench has been stocked into the Horseshoe Lake at Jubilee.


Jubilee Works

Committee member Paul Steeley and son Joe have been continuing their excellent work on repairing pegs at Jubilee. They have now begun work on the point peg. A massive task.


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