Leamington Angling News July 2021

Jubilee Repairs

Paul and JoFish have spent a lot of time repairing pegs at Jubilee. A great effort, thanks from all members.

Hi Anthony, a few pictures of peg 32  before and after by myself and Jofish .

Best regards Paul


Jubilee Carp

Hi Anthony spent bank holiday Monday up at Jubilee Pools with my dad Paul. It was a very windy and cold day but managed this stunning 20lbs common carp very happy

Many thanks to Neil and Ros for keeping the place so lovely

Best regards JoFish


Big Perch at Napton – Jonathon Beckitt

Good Evening Anthony,

Thought I’d share a few pictures of the Perch I’ve had over the past few years from Napton.

All these fish were either 2lb or over, with the best going 2.15.

All the fish fell to various lures from creatures, shads and cranks.

In the mean time the search continues for a Napton 3 pounder.

Regards    John


Good advice from Kelvin Tallett

Hello Kelvin,

Just wanted to say thanks for the very useful tips. We spent a fantastic afternoon, with a couple of decent roach on the drop and a lot of perch – very few maggots got wasted!

Unexpectedly enough, we also landed a tench, which was really exciting given she took on the kid’s rod (which is tiny and loaded with a 3 lb line all the way down) and put up quite the show for her size – definitely punching above her weight, as per usual. I love tench!

This really is a fantastic location, we’ll be back soon for sure. I was thinking that maybe some corn can help us to make our way through the tench if the perch is too keen on the maggot? I’ve tried bigger hooks (up to size 12) with up to 4 maggots on them, but even the tiniest of the perch has no problem gobbling those up (greeeeedy fish they are). Same story with the soft pellets, although the maggot was positively king today.

Best wishes,  Gabriele


Big Carp from the Horseshoe

Good afternoon Anthony,

Please see attached photo of my Sunday 09/05/2021 catch.

Beautiful Common Carp over 24 pounds in weight, caught on Jubilee Pools (Horseshoe lake)

Many thanks

Kind regards, Piotr.


College Pool – Wasperton

We have managed to obtain a few English Elm trees which were cloned from mature trees which survived Dutch Elm disease. The hope is that these clones will also be disease resistant. We will see.

These were propagated by Pershore College from a mature Elm at Upper Swell in Gloucestershire.


Here we have Ian Clarke (chairman) and Steve Smith planting the new Elms at College Pool.

Whilst there, Steve checked the crayfish traps and found a couple of small but aggressive visitors. He also found some illegal traps set by someone unknown.

What do we know about crayfish and trapping them? We know that on fisheries, they are a nuisance, eating anglers baits before the fish can find them. They also munch a lot of fish spawn. The signal crayfish is an invasive species which has just about wiped out our native white clawed crayfish by displacing them and spreading disease.

Traps need to be licensed for a particular water and each trap is tagged with the trapper number. Traps may not be moved to different waters to avoid the spread of disease. Trapping in areas which may hold our native white clawed species is not permitted (river Leam for example). Permission for trapping is also needed from the landowner and the owner of the fishing rights (Leamington Angling for example). Traps must be of specific dimension. Once caught, Signal Crayfish must be killed and not returned to the water, live or dead, or used for bait.

For those of you who have been pestered by these little blighters at Napton you will be pleased to see this consignment of extra traps, with their tags, ready to go.



Mark Edwards at Jubilee

Tuesday 15th June catch from island pool just over 15lb Common

Mark Edwards


JoFish at Jubilee

Hi Anthony

I caught this lovely 20lb 8oz mirror along with 5 others recently looking forward to catching more soon.




Paul Norris at Jubilee

I had never fished  before a few months ago. I had my Leamington Angling Association membership before I had ever cast a line. Since then I’ve put in countless hours of learning and research (angling is a pretty intimidating thing to approach from scratch) and a fair amount of hours on various waters. Some days I find myself freezing in a bivvy, other days I’m burning to a crisp in the sun.

My favourite place to dangle a hook is definitely Jubilee Pools, but I was finding it difficult to get any fish on the bank. Armed with some expert advice from Nick Adams, I popped in for a couple of hours after work on the 23rd June and the bites started coming in.

A lovely common followed quickly by a sizable bream. I then had an epic battle with a big mirror who rudely refused to get in the net. He spat my rig back at me and sloped off. I reckon he was in the 20s and would’ve been a PB for sure… but I’m learning that is quite often the case with stories about the ones that get away.



Keith Friswell with a Napton Tench


JoFish @ Jubilee

A couple of pristine commons for JoFish at Jubilee

and when he’s not fishing, Jo is busy repairing pegs………


Great job Jo!


Young Anglers


Our friend at the Angling Trust, Dave Evans, has sent us details of the August “Get Fishing” events on the Avon at Stratford Recreation Ground.

All bait, coaching and equipment is provided free of charge. Dates are 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th August. You can book on to these Angling Trust Get Fishing events here:- 


So. if you know of any adults who want to return to fishing after a lay-off or youngsters who have never fished, pass these details on. It’s the ideal opportunity.

Also on the above link are the Ryton Pool Young Anglers events which are on Wednesday afternoons through the summer. You need to book. The dates for sessions are as follows, all 1pm-3pm:

Wednesday 28th July, Wednesday 4th August, Wednesday 11th August

Wednesday 18th August, Wednesday 25th August, Wednesday 1st September



Turtle Tally UK Citizen Science (Angler Survey)

From time to time, turtles and terrapins turn up in local waters and Kent University are carrying out some survey work. They don’t really cause us any major problems, but if you have any photos and dates of sightings, it would help their research efforts.


Here’s my contribution from Portobello bridge area on the Avon.

They say:- “Spotted one of these in your local fishing lake? Here’s what to do.

There is little known about the turtles that can be found in our waters. That’s why the Turtle Tally project was launched in 2019 to investigate the distribution of released pet turtles in UK waterbodies.

In collaboration with Hadlow College, the British Herpetological Society, and the National Centre for Reptile Welfare, this project is a citizen science-based research which runs throughout the year, asking the public and anglers to submit turtle or terrapin sightings to collect vital information. The data collected helps the project look at distribution, species, numbers, and habitats.

If you see turtles or terrapins in your fishing lakes, make a note of where (grid reference), how many, take photos and then upload your sightings using the link below.” 





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