Leamington Angling News March/April 2021

Jubilee Pools – Important Notice

On Monday 19th April, Jubilee will close at 2.00pm for essential work on the entrance gate, re opening on Tuesday 20th as usual.


Martin Mitchell on the Avon at Stratford

Hi Anthony, first time back on the bank since November.. 3 hours or so in Stratford. 3 pike landed, best being 17lbs lost one more.


For an afternoon session when the sun is out I’ll take it. All caught on dead baits, didn’t even have a knock on lures.

Martin Mitchell

Rivers are now closed until 16th June


Jack Perks – Britain’s Hidden Fishes

Name: Jack Perks
Subject: Britain’s Hidden Fishes
Message: Hello, Hope you are well, I’m trying to fund “Britain’s Hidden Fishes” (think Blue Planet but with British fish and a smaller budget!) It’s the only way a film like this will be made on fish. I’m getting in touch to see if members would be interested in donating. There are lots of raffles, auctions and prizes also. The film is non-profit and will be available online when completed for free. If you can help by spreading the word to your members that would be much appreciated, I’m a passionate angler and filmmaker trying to highlight what we have on our own doorsteps and could possibly film at one of you’re venues if there’s a story to be told. Below is the main crowd funder, a fishing auction and raffle for anglers paradise.


Fishing with Chris Yates & Specimen Hunters https://www.jumblebee.co.uk/passionforanglingrevisitedfishingday1#none

Raffle for a weeks stay at Anglers Paradise https://raffall.com/207653/enter-raffle-to-win-anglers-paradise-villa-for-two-hosted-by-jack-perks

Regards Jack


Rod Licence

This might be the right time to renew your Environment Agency Rod Licence (check the date as it’s now 12 months from the last renewal) or put it in your diary “to do” list.
BUT make sure you are not being ripped off. ONLY use the proper Government website…

You must always carry your rod fishing licence when you’re fishing or you could be prosecuted.
You can be fined up to £2,500 for fishing without a rod fishing licence.
Children under 13 do not need a licence.
Licences for children aged between 13 and 16 are free. You’ll still need to get a junior licence.
Finally, let’s not forget that all rivers are closed until June 16th for the close season.


Barry Swain at Ryton Pool

Hi Anthony,

Just some pictures of pike caught at Ryton on free line sprat, one was 9lbs and the other one 11 and half.


Hope all is well



Pike Fishing – Important

Pike look like vicious beasts, but they are actually quite delicate. Remember this when you are handling one.

Just as a reminder of our rules regarding pike fishing…….

Live baiting is prohibited in all Association waters. The use of freshwater fish for bait is prohibited whether as live or dead bait. Using dead bait is permitted only from 1st October to March 14th. Pike fishing with lures is permitted at any time during the season. The use of a gaff is prohibited.

Of course, pike anglers must have a suitable sized landing net and unhooking mat.


Jubilee Otter Fence

Work on the otter fence at Jubilee is moving on quickly. There will still be some disruption in the weeks to come so please be careful of machinery and materials on site.



The mallards didn’t seem to mind all the activity. Their nest had 13 eggs!

A Message from Ros & Neil

As I am sure you will all see when you visit Jubilee a vast amount of work has been carried out during the Winter. Bank clearing, tree felling, bonfires all to make way for the Otter fence. We would like to thank all the volunteers who gave up their time and worked in all conditions to get the work done.!!

March has thrown all weather at us and apart from a couple of glorious warm sunny days it has been a very cold start. Of course this does not help the fishing although there have been some lovely fish caught. Things will pick up as the weather improves and we look forward to a good season here at Jubilee.

Please can anglers remember to put all their rubbish in bins provided or take it home with you. I am already finding discarded bottles and drinks cans. NOT ON !

Make sure that the gate on to the Pools is shut after use. This is very important as we have to be secure at all times to prevent Otters getting inside the complex.

Please be respectful and courteous to other anglers in particular when casting. Arguments over the Island are unnecessary and abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.

Jubilee pools is a beautiful venue well maintained and cared for please will anglers respect this and help to keep it that way.

If you have any issues or queries remember the Bailiffs Ros and Neil live on site and we are here to help. Our phone number is in your Membership book.

One more reminder PLEASE be OFF the premises by the time shown on the clock next to the noticeboard.

Thank you Ros and Neil


Napton Pond

The small pond at Napton has now been fenced and will provide an excellent safe environment for young anglers, plus the furry blighters will be excluded.  The improvements have been masterminded by Napton regular and committee member Richard Taylor.


Kelvin Tallett at Jubilee

Today was my first fishing trip for over 6 weeks and I managed 3 hours on Horseshoe Pool at Jubilee. I picked a peg near where we were working so I could carry on working then fish for a bit before going home. I decided to fish negatively for me by only putting in two small balls of Bait-Tech Pro Natural Dark and Max Feeder with a sprinkling of casters in and then slowly feed caster over the top. The rig for the day was a 2g DH22 on 0.16 DH rig line to 0.12 and a 18 LWG hook with 2 red maggots on. It took a fair while before the first bite but I was into my first tench of the year soon followed by another. I decided to risk a small ball of ground bait and kept drip feeding casters and this proved the right approach a small ball every two fish.

I managed 7 tench 3 good roach and 2 perch for 22-5 not bad for a cold day. The bites were very slow as the fish were reluctant to move much in the cold water but It was just nice to finally be out amongst the daffodils and primroses and catch some fish once again.



Hi Anthony

A bonus  21lb 14 oz Common in superb condition when float fishing worm in the margin for tench at Horseshoe.



Norm Rogers


Phil Newman on the Island Pool


Pedro & Danel on the Grand Union

Hi Anthony,

Have a look at the Zander we got in Long Itchington locks the other day, on the way back from Jubilee. Seems that we are slowly mastering lure fishing.

This email just reminded me to renew the license!

Regards,  Pedro


Hugh’s First Fishing Trip

Hugh came to Jubilee Pools with his M & D and sister Grace. We managed to find a handy peg on the Island Pool sheltered from the icy wind. For a youngster (not quite 7) who had not fished before, Hugh quickly picked up the ideas and was soon catching roach plus the odd skimmer and gudgeon. Grace also caught a few and Hugh’s mum was getting ready to leave when Hugh’s rod bent into something more substantial.

Hugh did very well playing the fish towards the net where we discovered it was a nice roach/bream or possibly rudd/bream hybrid around 3 lbs. The perfect end to a great session.



Shane Bridges – Grand Union, Rowington

Shane is our bailiff at Rowington

Hi Anthony

Hope all is well, its nice to see a hint of normality on the horizon now isn’t it!

Lately, as I’ve passed the canal, it’s has looked nothing short of magnificent each time I’m there. I think that the lack of boat traffic has let the plant life flourish and in turn has really made small holding spots for the fish.

One member told me of an 8lb zander he had a few weeks back!

I thought I’d attach a few images of some recent carp catches I’ve had from the stretch.

Kind regards




Although some Covid-19 restrictions have been eased, we still need to keep to the rules. Social distancing is still very important. Even if you have been vaccinated, to help protect yourself and your friends, family, and community you should continue to follow all of the guidance.

It is now time to renew your membership and you can do this online, from bailiffs or from your local tackle shop (now open). You can also pay your member’s day ticket or member’s guest ticket online. When you do this, notification goes automatically to the bailiff.

best regards,  Anthony


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