Leamington Angling News February 2021

Angling in Lockdown

With rules changing from time to time, it is sometimes difficult to interpret what we can and cannot do. Although the overall picture regarding Covid-19 is improving, we are still currently in “lockdown”. Leamington Angling Association has been a member of the Angling Trust since it was first formed and we take their advice and use their interpretation of Government rules. Here is an extract from the current advice:-

Please bear in mind these key points which will be reflected in the new Angling Trust guidelines which we will publish shortly:

This is a strictly limited resumption of LOCAL fishing and very different to how we have been allowed to operate since May.
We are in a National Lockdown and this must be respected. The law requires a ‘reasonable excuse’ to leave your home or penalties will apply.
The Government has recognised that fishing can be seen as exercise, which is expressly permitted under the lockdown rules, although outdoor recreation is not.
Organised sporting gatherings are prohibited so no match fishing.
The exercise is limited to once a day so no overnight fishing whatsoever.
To remain within the law you should follow the Government’s guidance, and only fish locally. If you have no local fishing available then you will have to take your daily exercise in other ways. Full Government guidance on travel can be found here

So, in summary, fishing is allowed but you must stay local.


Phil on the road

During a recent (before lockdown) festival on the Dudley no 2 canal in the Black Country, Phil Mattock really enjoyed the conditions. He also had a spot of trouble when his truck had a tyre malfunction near Edinburgh and, when he returned to the depot, his trailer fell into a sink hole! Some guys have all the luck.


Jubilee Pools

Although we are all “locked down” at present, fishery management work is still permitted and work parties are out and about regularly on Association waters. There is a huge amount to be done at this time of year and volunteer members are in action most weekends and during the week.

At Snitterfield Reservoir, the massive task of removing vegetation from the dam is now almost complete and the Environment Agency surveyors seem happy with our efforts.

It became evident that Jubilee was being visited by otters (see photos) and so the decision was taken to protect our valuable fish stocks with an otter proof fence.


Work on clearing the fence line, which is a huge task, is well advanced and I’m sure all members will want to thank all the volunteers who have been helping with this enormous job. The fencing will be an expensive project but not as expensive as allowing otters to eat our fish. This work will be continuing over the next few months. The fencing work is scheduled to start in the first half of March

When Jubilee re-opens on March 1st, please be aware that some pegs may not be available due to repair works etc. Some paths may be closed and members must take care when passing areas where work is taking place. There will still be plenty of pegs available.


Danger !

In these difficult times, we are all keen to get our there to wet a line, even if conditions are against us. However, its important that that we abide by the rules and only fish locally. if you are considering the rivers, take extra care when there is flood water obscuring bankside hazards. We have seen reports of anglers wading into flooded banks to get close to the river. This is extremely dangerous especially with waders on.


Andrew Robinson at Snitterfield Reservoir

Hi Anthony

I braved the weather last Saturday and fished Snitterfield Reservoir at the Dam end not far from the drop off point.

No bites for over an hour and then the newly stocked Rudd and a single Tench turned up !!! I took time to carefully and accurately weigh the net. 9lb 13 oz on a cold winters day.

Fantastic fishery and well done to LAA for having the thought to stock this venue with more Rudd, Tench, etc.

Regards,   Andrew


Chub from the Grand Union – Fishing no matter what!


Here is another catch for team Zabala in the Grand Union Canal next to the Fosse.

Got it on a plastic lure with jighead, jigging the walls of a lock (the rest of the canal was frozen!). Light rod with spinning reel.


Pedro & Danel


New Membership Books now available

The new membership books for 2021/2022 are now available from your local tackle shop, bailiffs and online.

Membership Prices 2021 – 2022
Adult £40.00
Senior (over 65) £30.00
Disabled £30.00
Junior (up to 18) £10.00


Each time you fish at Jubilee Pools, Snitterfield Reservoir or Napton Reservoir, there will be a daily charge of £3.00 for Adults and £2.00 for Concessions.
Members may bring a guest to fish at £7.00 per day.

In an effort to reduce cash changing hands on the bank, your member’s day tickets and guest tickets are available online here:-


If you do want to pay on the bank, please take the right money and leave it at the back of you peg for the bailiff to collect. No tickets are being issued at present.


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