Leamington Angling Newsletter October 2020

Leamington Angling Fisheries are open, subject to the usual precautions regarding social distancing.

Here are a few extracts from the Angling Trust….

Fisheries are not on the published list of businesses that the government has ordered to close.

The regulations allow people “to visit a public outdoor space for the purposes of open air recreation” and this is defined as an ‘outdoor place to which the public have, or are permitted, access (whether on payment or otherwise).”

People can go outdoors to be active as many times as they like, either on their own, with their household or support bubble, or on their own with one person from another household while keeping two metres apart. You can only leave home to fish with members of your own household, your support bubble or with one other individual. No match fishing.

Check with your local tackle shop for “opening” times. Most will be offering a “click/phone and collect” service but you can’t go into the shop.

Support your Local Tackle Shop
Baileys Fishing Tackle, 30 Emscote Road, Warwick CV34 4PP tel 01926 491984
Banks & Burr, 25-27 Claremont Road, Rugby CV21 3NA tel 01788 576782
Browns Angling, Browns Road, Daventry NN11 4NS tel 01327 702200
Lanes, 31-35 London Road, Coventry CV1 2JP tel 02476 223316
Rugby Tackle, 155a Bilton Road, Rugby CV22 7DS tel 01788 544913
Castaway Fishing Tackle, 86 Warwick Road, Banbury OX16 2AB tel 01295 254274
Solihull Angling Centre, 253 Longmore Road, Shirley, Solihull B90 3ER tel 0121 733 7775
Tackle Shack Nuneaton, 45 Attleborough Road, Nuneaton CV11 4JB tel 02477 673456
Fishing and Outdoors, 29 Timothy’s Bridge Road, Stratford upon Avon CV37 9NQ tel 01789 267992


Kelvin Tallett at Stratford Lido

With the River Avon fining down I had a few hours at Leamington Angling’s Stratford Lido section and fished a peg near the Swans neck. The weather was ok when I got there but by the time I had set up it had started to rain and never stopped for the 4 hours I fished for. My set up for the day was two rods one with a 3g DH number 4 bolo the other a 5AAA thin speci waggler thinking I would get most of my fish from fishing the far side but as a back up I set up a 7 metre whip with a 1g DH16 to fish in some steady water. I started off on the bolo steadily feeding maggots but the water was alive with bleak and it looked like they were eating everything so nothing was getting through the swim I did have a few small roach and a perch over the first 90 mins.

The waggler proved worse as I couldn’t get through the bleak at all so after 30 mins on that I decided not to bother with that again. I had some GB with me that I had taken out the freezer yesterday so decided to fish the whip with small balls of GB instead of loose feeding. This most definitely transformed everything as I was soon into a fish a bung big dace perch and some cracking roach and my last 2 hours soon went. I really enjoyed that and ended with 16-10 and proving sometimes you have to completely change things to up your catch rate.  #TeamBaitTech #DHAngling #RiverAvon #Roach       Kelvin


Chris Ponsford @ Jubilee


Kelvin Tallet – Lido in Flood

With my local river Avon well up I had to find an area of slow water and target a few bream so on arriving at the Lido in Stratford it looked perfect for the job. The river was up 2ft and belting through the slack in the Lido looked good and fish were topping all over it despite the heavy colour. I put my platform up next to a sign which is usually 3 metres from the edge of the water and was still 18inches deep there. The plan was to fish the feeder early for the bream then the pole later for a roach or two so I set up 2 feeder rods one on a lead the other on a 1oz open end feeder and two pole rigs first 1.5g DH21 for maggots the other 1.5g DH13 for chopped worm. Groundbait for the day would be Bait-Tech Max Feeder which mixes brilliantly and with a high fish meal content would hold the bream in the swim to go with this I had chopped worms and casters. I started off by putting in 6 feeders of GB just short of the flow then plugged the feeder adding worms and caster. It took 30 mins to get my first bite which I missed then I hooked a good fish next chuck only to loose it to a snag on the way back. This frayed the hook link so it was something substantial so I made a mental note where it was ready for the next one. It took another 20 mins before I had the next fish and soon had the fish in the net a nice bream around a pound and a half another 3lb bream next chuck followed 10 mins later by a fish of 6-14 but with no bites following and with the river still rising I felt I was fishing too far and shortened where I was chucking too this got me another one of just over 5lb followed by a run of decent perch.

I knew this was the end of the bream when I had 4 eels in 4 chucks it confirmed it so time for a change and picked up my pole. I had put some GB in earlier at 11 metres and had a few fish on this mainly roach before I packed up and with 25lb in the net an enjoyable session learning a few things along the way. This just goes to show if you pick your venue and tailor your tactics you suit you can have a good day what ever  the river is. #TeamBaitTech #DHAngling #RiverAvon #Bream   Kelvin


Stuart Blinco – Jubilee Carp


Reg Talbot – Lido Pike

Hi Anthony

It was good to see you last week at the Lido. You said you wanted photos for your newsletter.

Jim and I went back to the Lido on Tuesday and I took my pike gear this time. The result was this beautifully marked 13.5lb pike on sardine.

Later, I had another of about 8lb which caused amusement to a family walking along the towpath. Lots of questions about whether I was going to kill the fish, whether it would be out of the water long, whether it would survive being caught, and taking photos. Luckily, Thad was there to give the right answers! I also had a nice net of roach and dace on the waggler.

Great fun.    Reg


Canal & River Trust Archive

Below left is a black and white photograph taken by Cyril Arapoff showing Nellie Freeth and family stood beside a pair of narrowboats at Hatton lock 36 on the Grand Union Canal. The narrowboats are Samuel Barlow Canal Carrying Company Limited narrowboats ‘Caronia’ and ‘Dragonfly’ 1930s


Above right is reconstruction works at the Hatton lock flight on the Grand Union Canal around 1931.

If you are interested in historical pictures of canals, the Canal and River Trust has a huge archive on their website.



Back in June, Scott Gill very kindly sent in this great picture. Unfortunately, it has been languishing in my inbox amongst hundreds of less interesting messages. Sorry Scott. It reminds us of slightly warmer days.

Hi Anthony,

Thought I would share this catch with members. I fished Horseshoe and bagged this stunning 12lb common on my last cube of meat under a straight waggler. This beauty was by no means a particularly large fish for the pool but was part of a cracking session with twelve tench to 4lb and three chunky Crucian which are doing very well since stocking.

Cheers and tight lines

Scott Gill


Membership and Tickets

To help with social distancing when you go fishing, most tickets for Leamington Angling waters are available online. If you have a friend who would like to try one of our waters, they can get a guest ticket here:-

https://www.leamingtonangling.co.uk/member-s-day-tickets-guest-tickets  and you can buy your member’s day ticket on this page too.

As from November 1st, membership prices have been reduced. Adult now £20, Concessions now £20 and Juniors now £5. These run until the end of March next year as usual. Books are available from your local tackle shop (see the list above) or online here:-


Tight lines, stay safe



Paul Hitchman – Newsletter Special Report!


Here’s something for your next newsletter – all, part or none, depending on other contributions. Keep up the good work!

Variety is the spice of life 

6th October – Snitterfield Reservoir

There had been so much rain that the river was out (for me at least, tho’ the barbel
bashers might have fancied it), much more appropriate to build an ark. And, as per the
good book, to fill it with animals two by two, Snitterfield reservoir was the best
place to cover the fish section.

Plenty of bream & skimmers, so that sorted them out:

but only one carp (an immaculate, fully-scaled common):


and just one fighting fit tench:          

and just one crucian:  

So, I gave up on the ark idea and went back to the drawing board.
All caught on the old caster & groundbait feeder and red maggot on the hook.
The hook – the good old reliable Kamasan B510, size 16, strong enough in the gauge to
handle that carp yet fine and light enough for the fish to suck up the bait with
minimum resistance, hence more bites.

8th October – College Pool

Was a bit bored with watching the tip (tho’ better than nothing), I wanted to watch a
float going under, so had a dabble on the pole at College Pool. Very little interest
at full depth, despite putting in quite a bit of chopped-worm and caster with a bait-
dropper. I thought this might draw the perch, roach and skimmers but, on that day, I
thought wrong. But there were fish topping on the surface and swirling when I loose
fed casters so I switched to a shallow (18 inch) peacock dibber rig and ended up with
this net of 170 small perch (my click counter is broken, worn out, so I counted them
back one by one at the end of the session. Also had a couple of nice roach but it was
the perch that were getting to the bait most of the time. OK, most were tiny / small,
but the float was going under and it kept me busy. They might want to think about re-
naming it SWSP (stuffed with small perch) pool, though I know there are good carp,
bream and others lurking there.

18th October – The Lido

At last, the river was in good shape, so it was down to the Lido with maggots, hemp,
stick floats and wagglers. Had loads of roach and dace, particularly quite a few nice
dace. I have many favourite fish (they come and go depending on what I am catching)
but the dace has always been one of my major favourites going back to when, as a kid,
I used to catch good-sized ones off the road bridge by the Red Lion pub at Hunningham
and, much later, when I won my first 144 peg Angling Times Winter League match with a bag of dace from the (flowing) canal at Ellesmere, Shrops. Yes, a good day’s float fishing.
Stillwater is good, but flowing water (when the river is in good nick) is better.

20th October – The Lido (again)

The river was clearing and so it was going to be harder, but perch tend to show more in
clear water than coloured water so it was no surprise when these big ones decided to
have a go. And after catching all those small ones at College Pool, it was nice to
feel the bump, bump, bump of a bigger specimen or three. I had quite a few roach, dace
and chublets too, but I picked out just the larger perch for the camera.

25th October – The Canal at Rowington

Well, it wasn’t going to stay dry forever and the rains came again colouring-up the
river and making it not a good prospect for float-fishing. That’s how it seems to be
nowadays, the rain doesn’t come steady, little and often (like loose-feeding), either
there’s none at all or too much for the rivers to handle – then of course there’s all
the run-off from roads, housing estates, fields, etc., in the interests of drainage
and flood protection. But I can’t help think that the civil engineers have got it
wrong, very wrong.

So, off to the canal at Rowington for plenty of good bream and big(-ish) perch on
pole-fished chopped worm and caster, though I imagine you could catch them on plenty
of others baits too.

So, there you go, plenty of fish to throw your bait at, and I appreciate there are
plenty of others that I don’t happen to target but others do.

Tight lines,   Paul Hitchman


Lost at Wasperton

Have you lost a piece of equipment at Wasperton? Get in touch.




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