Leamington Angling Newsletter September 2020

Photo Competition – Member’s Handbook

The time has come to update and reprint the Member’s Handbook. The recent one has been adorned by an excellent cover photo featuring Napton Reservoir.

Committee member Richard Taylor has taken on the task of revamping the handbook and we are looking for a photo for the front cover. Ideally it would be a shot of one of our waters, one that most of us would recognise, with an angler or fish or both. Obviously we have lots of “angler with fish” photos, many of which are very good, but something a bit different would be better.

If you have anything that you think might be suitable, send it to me. You still have plenty of time to take one because we are unlikely to print it before Christmas. The entries will be judged by a panel of high powered photo professionals (Richard and me) and there will be a large and impressive prize for the winner (don’t know what this is yet). Get snapping!



Social Distancing

Being out in the fresh air fishing is a great way to relax and recharge the batteries. However, we must not forget that the dreaded virus has not gone away, so it is vital that we continue with social distancing, hand washing and using a mask as and when appropriate. We all like to compare notes with fellow anglers and say hello to another human but don’t encroach onto other’s pegs or get too close. When you get back from fishing, wash your hands thoroughly as you may have handled a gate or fence that others have touched. In any case, you need to get that bream slime off your hands!

Your bailiffs are still going round regularly. If you are fishing one of the pools where you pay a member’s day ticket or you need a guest ticket for your friend, you can either pay online before you go,                                                     https://www.leamingtonangling.co.uk/member-s-day-tickets-guest-tickets                         or, if you want to pay cash, please take the right money as we don’t want to be giving change. Leave your money at the back of your peg and then your bailiff will not need to disturb you.

Stay safe, Anthony


Paul & JoFish at Jubilee

Hi Anthony

Over this last month we have enjoyed some different types of fishing,  we had  a go at some ones we haven’t done for a while or ever.  JoFish came into the possession of a couple of poles, and enjoyed his first time trying to use one (coached by Paul, Dad) and caught a lovely little baby carp.  He also managed to net some roach, bream and gudgeon, not bad for his first attempt.  It was a good experience and totally different from handling a carp rod.  

We also caught a few good carp over the space of a couple of trips, my biggest being 20lbs 8oz common and JoFish a 17lb common, what a fight they are giving at the moment.  Fish in great condition and had fun catching them, hopefully bigger ones to come in October.

Tight lines

Paul and JoFish


Canal & River Trust

Our canal towpaths are popular places to walk, exercise, unwind and cycle, not to mention being well used for mooring boats and fishing. We know that visiting them can make you feel happier and healthier, but the pace needs to be slow so that they remain safe.
This autumn C&RT have launched a campaign to urge everyone using our canal towpaths, especially those who cycle, to be thoughtful, stay kind and slow down, or find an alternative route.



Stratford Lido 2

A large piece of a horse chestnut tree had come to rest in one of the better swims on Lido 2 so Phil Mattock, Kelvin Tallet and myself spent a perfectly good afternoon getting soaked and straining muscles to saw it up and drag it out.

Jack also helped and as a reward, Phil showed him how to catch a few fish.



Eyes and Ears

Just before the lock down, I had a call from a member to let me know about two “anglers” that he thought had been taking fish from the river. I was very concerned and started to think about getting a group together to get down to the location to tackle the miscreants. “Where are they exactly?” I asked. “I don’t know” came the reply, “this happened last Thursday.”

Any descriptions? No. Any car reg? No.

Our members are our eyes and ears on the bank and we do want to hear from you, but it’s best to phone when something is happening so we can take action. Likewise, if someone is contravening the rules at a fishery, let us know right away by phoning the bailiff or myself or any number in your membership book.



Parking Permit for Ryton Pool

Leamington Angling members can obtain an annual parking permit for Ryton Pool at half price (currently £22). The permit runs for one year from the day you purchase it. To buy one, phone the Visitor Centre (not open to visitors at present) 02476 305592 and pay by card. You will also be asked for your Rod Licence number so have that handy.


Get Fishing


The Angling Trust’s ‘Get Fishing’ campaign is funded by the Environment Agency to help more people go fishing. Each year we run hundreds of fishing events with partners like Canal & River Trust and Get Hooked on Fishing.
If you go fishing independently of these events you’ll need to get a fishing licence first at www.gov.uk/fishing-licences/buy-a-fishing-licence
Juniors still need to register and receive a licence in order to fish but the licence will be free.

Here’s a useful video for beginners or for anyone coming back to fishing after a long lay-off.


Jubilee Work Party

Hi Anthony

Here are a few photos of the latest work being done on some pegs at Jubilee Pools.  We helped Ros remove a tree out of the water with thanks going to a few anglers who stepped in to give a much needed helping hand.  Two trips have been needed as well to the island for clean up of lines and rigs dangling from the trees, therefore making it safer for wildlife and anglers alike.


Pegs 5 and 22 have been secured and reattached to the sleepers and peg 8 has been levelled back up.  Hope you enjoy the photos showing the work, really glad to lend a hand to Ros as it is one of many jobs required for the upkeep of the lakes.

From Paul, Thomas, Mandy and Joe (work party)


Ian FM at Jubilee

Hi Anthony, the rivers being flooded decided on a short Jubilee session. The rain certainly brought the fish on feed. In just over 5 hrs had 12 nice fish. First cast a lovely common low to mid double, couple of crucians, 5 bream and 4 tench. Fished my usual hybrid feeders and bright wafters.

A few pics attached, its a great fishery, thanks vm

Ian FM


Ron Storr, Snitterfield Reservoir Bailiff

Hi Anthony,

Strange day at Snitterfield today, the water level was dropping after the heavy rain at the weekend.

Wind very strong at times and changing direction all of the time.

Fished the dam end and only had one small Perch in first 90min. Changed to soft expanders over hemp and had 15 Crucians and 3 Skimmers in the next 1 &3/4 hr for a total weight of just over 28lb.

Cheers, Ron


Snitterfield Platforms

Morning Anthony ,

Another entry for the newsletter.

Following the floating platforms at the weekend , John Hayes and Mike Boswell joined me today and did a fantastic job in dragging the floaters out.

They were then taken back to their original positions, just 2 on the far bank need carrying round.

Please will members bring them well back from the edge to avoid this happening again.

Cheers,  Ron


Snitterfield Engineer Dam Inspection

Each year, inspecting engineers on behalf of the EA come to check on the reservoir dam. The main focus is on the vegetation on both sides of the dam. Since the lockdown we have not been able to do as much work on this as we had planned so blackthorn and bramble has grown unchecked. The annual inspection is coming up soon and so we need to do some work on the dam to show we are making an effort. This coming Sunday 11th October, I will be there with a small work party but we need more pairs of hands please. if you can come along for a couple of hours from about 10 am, bring boots, overall, thick gloves and, if you have them, loppers, rake or any other tools that might be useful. Please make the effort to come along.

Give me a call if you have any questions 01926 312319. Hope to see you there.



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