Leamington Angling Newsletter August 2020

Ryan Keene at Ryton Pool

Hi Anthony

Last Sunday I was up at Ryton having a go for the carp, and not long after releasing the first one I caught at 18lb 3oz Barry came along an asked to see the photo. He said I should send it to you. I managed to land a further 2 at 15lb 1oz an another at 18lb 6oz.

What a days fishing. I hope you like the photos.

Kind regards.

Ryan Keene


Jubilee Pools – I F-M

Hi Anthony, had a great session today on Horseshoe. I noted in the recent hot spell it had gone off a bit…but really back on form now. On peg 12 had 22 nice fish on my feeder set up, using hybrid feeders, which I prefer in the deeper water. 13 tench, 8 bream, and a very nice common, upper single figure but fought like a double. Some of the tench getting a good size and bream too. Bait was bright hi vis wafters.

I am happy with this result in about 5 hrs fishing. Seems the more rain and wind the better it fishes😁

Thanks again, few pics attached

Ian Fraser-Mitchell


Mike Bothwell at Napton Reservoir

Had a couple of nice fish from Napton during last month.

Crucian is 2lb 10oz and tench 4.5lb

Hope you’re keeping well 


Mike Bothwell 


Napton Reservoir

Over the weekend of 5th and 6th of September, work parties will be carrying out essential maintenance to the fishery and fencing at Napton. This will cause a considerable amount of noise and disruption.


Snitterfield Reservoir Work Party

  Graham Appleton & Dave Williams

Recently Adam and I were joined by member Carl Jackson and we made a start on clearing the vegetation from the inside of the dam. Recent changes to the Reservoirs Act mean that Snitterfield Reservoir is inspected annually and we have to make sure that trees and bushes are removed from both the inside and outside of the dam. Although the work party spent many weeks clearing the vegetation last year, regrowth has been rapid and important work on other waters has meant that Snitterfield now needs some serious TLC. If you can help with this, let me have your name and I’ll let you know when we will be working there next. We have a supply of tools. You would need boots, overalls and some thick gloves as a lot of the growth is hawthorn and blackthorn. Bring loppers if you have them.



Rig Checks

Recently your bailiffs have been finding more discarded items of tackle, inappropriate rigs and barbed hooks.

All waters will now be subject to rig checks from time to time to ensure that hooks and rigs are “safe”. Just as a reminder:-

NO barbed hooks on any of our still waters. This means NO barbed, semi barbed, whisker barbed or any other kind. Just barbless.

Rigs must be tied in a way which, in the event of a breakage, allows the fish to escape without having to drag a feeder or lead around. As we know, tethered leads or feeders can result in fish being caught up in weed or snags and this can result in death.

When rig checks are taking place on a water, please help the bailiffs by bringing in your rig for inspection. It is in all our interests to make sure that fish suffer minimal damage when caught. If you are in any doubt about how to tie a rig, please ask and we will help. There are many ideas on the internet but always keep it simple.

Please make sure that you have an appropriate size landing net and unhooking mat.



Tickets On Line

To avoid handling cash, you can purchase your members day ticket or members guest ticket here:-


membership is also available on the website:-



Paul and JoFish at Jubilee

Hi Anthony

The carp have been enjoying the sunny weather, cruising on the top, so JoFish and myself, Paul, part of the Jubilee Work Party, took some time to go out on the boat with Roz and help trim the willows and remove a few large overhanging branches from snag peg corner to make the peg more accessible.  We also added to the bonfire pile, also clearing up any snagged lines at the island so therefore keeping it safe for wildlife and fellow anglers.

We did manage to get some decent fishing in despite the constant battle with storms and heat (one extreme to the other).  So we have included a few of our latest catches, all in great condition and fighting fit.  We even had a double take, which was much to our amusement.

As always a lovely place to fish, thanks Ros and Neil.

Paul and JoFish


Paul Hitchman at Snitterfield Reservoir


I really wanted to fish the river but was put off by the fact that it was a Bank Holiday: too many weekend admirals & paddle-boarders (my pet hate) and the fact that it was still pushing hard and cold due to recent rainfall. So, it was back to ‘old faithful’ – Snitterfield Ressie. On a day when some went home fishless and others were complaining of just 1 or 2 fish, I managed to put this bag of fish together:

12-15 skimmers & hybrids, a crucian and a bonus 3lb-ish tench on the groundbait/caster feeder & red maggot combo

plus loads of nice roach like this on the 6m pole and catching them using a home-made float adds the icing on the cake

Some moan about the surcharge but what can you get in a pub for £2 (I’m one of the grey-haired brigade) and could you make it last all day ? No, tremendous value.

N.B. No fish were damaged in the making of this email: business end of the rigs – Kamasan B510 (barbless) hooks.

Tight lines,

Paul Hitchman.


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