Leamington Angling News June 2020

Covid 19 Virus regulations.

Many thanks to all members who have been helping to keep everyone safe by social distancing. The Association is adhering to the recommendations from the Angling Trust which can be viewed on the website here:-


It is important that we all stick to these regulations to prevent the spread of the virus.


One angler per peg only unless you are fishing with a member of your household.  Social distancing in accordance with Government guidelines must be maintained at all times.

No sharing of fishing tackle or any other items.

No angler to fish within 15 metres of any other angler.

At Napton, pegs have been marked at appropriate distances, please make sure that you fish from one of the marked positions so that other members are not compromised.


Jubilee Pools – Mirrors & Commons

Hi Anthony

Had a lovely day at jubilee pools, for once it wasn’t busy which was probably down either the heavy rain or the fact it was Fathers Day…… 

I managed to fish the point swim, peg 13, & for the first hour I couldn’t  keep 1 rod in the water! I had 12 carp during the day & lost 3 to hook pulls, and I Rounded the day off with my 2nd biggest fish from Island pool with a mirror carp of 24lb 8oz, the common carp was a fine 17lb 9oz, the second biggest fish of the day.


My family joined me for a lunchtime picnic and we were also joined by a Robin which got very close and sat on my rods a few times during the day.

Kind regards      Nick Adams


Norm Rogers sent us a few reminiscences of Napton/Wasperton

Hi Anthony

Sorry but in those days I didn’t own a camera: the only photo I have from those days is one of my then girlfriend having a go with my rods at Wasperton. Hot summer day and we went on the Midland Red bus; dont think I got much fishing done!!

Wasperton was a great match water then, I first fished it in 1958; my dad was a member of the Daimler club, later Jaguar/Daimler; full of roach, dace and gudgeon, the roach a good size. If my dad got drawn in peg 1 (opposite the weir) we all might as well have packed up and gone home. He was a brilliant float fisherman on rivers and was in the Coventry team with Billy Lane, Bill Deacon and Co. in the late 40’s and early 50’s. Occasionally  one of us would get smashed up on our 2 lb line and 20 or 18 hooks, no doubt by a carp but we did get the odd big bream out. The average bloke didnt fish for carp in those days, we just didnt have the tackle. Spanish Reed rods then and a lot of centre pin reels; fibreglass rods were a breakthrough! My dad bought a Richard Walker Mark 1V Avon split cane kit and took weeks making it, I can see him now glueing the sections of cane together; be about 1954 I think. Still got it. Napton was a great tench water then and we could see the carp but no one fished for them.

I must congratulate the club on its waters; I particularly enjoy Jubilee and College Pool (where have the barbel and chub gone? Caught plenty of both about ten years ago, but nothing recently). I used to like stalking at Offchurch but nowadays its totally overgrown and there’s 2 fences to climb over; not up to that these days.

Sorry to ramble on

Best regards  Norm Rogers

more from Norm next month!


Newbold Comyn – River Leam

In the Newbold Comyn area, this was Danel’s first time fishing!



Message Details
Message: Also a big thanks to all for the work done on all the pot holes down the tracks what a difference! WELL DONE LADS great job but this isn’t the first time. They are down there most weekends making it easy but safe for us old uns. Cheers to all !! from a very long standing member now in my 70s. Thanks again, John Davis


Barley Straw

Brian Harrison (committee) and Dave Evans (Angling Trust) chose one of the hottest days of the year to wrestle barley straw into netting “parcels” at Jubilee. These were then taken to Napton Reservoir to keep the algae in check.


Ryton Pool

Please find attached a photo of my daughter Everleigh Laughran aged 7 who caught 19 roach and 6 perch in a morning session on Ryton Pool last week using maggots on a float rod.

Her second time fishing with me and enjoyed it a lot and also many thanks to Barry the bailiff who kindly gave her a full size rod and reel he had knocking around for a young angler.

Stu Laughran


River Avon – Wasperon

Roger Male made the trip from Birmingham to fish the Warwickshire Avon, ‘Lovely day at Wasperton. Heard the Cookoo, found some tiny Toads, peacock caterpillars everywhere and a red admiral butterfly.

Caught this bream 6 lbs 10oz and lost another. What a stunning part of England.



Stratford Recreation Ground

Went to the Rec today as there’s still no pleasure boats so a good opportunity to get on the venue before the autumn.

Very hot and low and clear, seems a lot more candox than last year.

Went for a hemp practice ended with near 11lb but with some mistakes along the way, before Mr Pike went to work in the clear water.



Ryton Tench

From the bank on the right, maggot on float.

There is a sponge mat inside the bag under the landing net, I couldn’t hold it for the photo as I was on my own.

Andi Poole


Paul and JoFish at Jubilee

Hi Anthony 

Here are some pics of enjoyable trips to Jubilee, father and son duo, (Paul and JoFish).  JoFish’s biggest of the session  was a 20lb mirror and I managed to get my very first tench.  Enjoyed seeing all the baby ducks, goslings and even two baby coots. 

As always Jubilee kept and run by Neil and Ros, so thanks to them.


Hi Anthony

Here is a few photos of the latest work being done at Jubilee by JoFish and Paul.  On pegs 29,30 and 31 on the island pool over the last month since re-opening.  With 34 and 38 remaining to be worked upon over the next month.


Upon tidying away the old boards JoFish found a lovely big toad and managed to put him somewhere safe.

Paul & JoFish


Barry at Ryton Pool

Even during lockdown, there’s plenty to do for our bailiffs.

Reminder from Barry:- Fishing is not allowed from the duck feeding area or anywhere on the car park bank. Thank you.


Avon Pike

Hi Anthony.  Hope you’re well.

Couple of pike from the last 2-3 weeks on the river Avon.

Kind regards

Martin Mitchell


Phil Mattock – Grand Union

Lovely evening on the Grand Union. 21lb Phil.



Pre Season Work @ Lido

Just come from the Lido where Kelvin and myself have strimmed all the pegs and done some chainsaw work on two of the swans neck willows. The river is well down.


Another interesting species find, hundreds of peacock butterfly caterpillars all over the paths and nettles.



Opening Day at Stratford Lido

Matt and I went to the Lido on opening day, fished the waggler, bolo and 5-6m whips for 12lb odd each.





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