Leamington Angling Newsletter March 2020

Dear Members

A very difficult start to our angling year and I know many of you, like me, are keen to get out there, especially in this spell of sunny weather. Government regulations in the fight against the virus mean that all Leamington Angling waters are currently closed. If this changes in any way, we will let you know. In the meantime, we have no option but to stay at home.

Below is a selection of items which hopefully will give us cause for optimism including George Burton’s sensational Wasperton capture just before the end of the season.

stay safe,   Anthony


Napton Pond

Hi Anthony,

Please see the attached, before and after. A good job well done.

The fallen tree, which was massive, has been extracted from Napton Pond and various areas dredged. The surrounding vegetation has been cut back and strimmed. It’s looking really promising and, by the time it starts to green up, it will be a great place for kids to have a go.

Richard Taylor


Abbey Fields, Kenilworth

Steve Smith and I gave the professionals a hand with netting Abbey Fields lake for Warwick District Council.




Big One – Stoneleigh

A good result at the Big One. Our stand attracted lots of attention and we signed up a good number of new members, covering our costs several times over. Many thanks to all those who helped out over the weekend.

Jeremy Wade did good business with his book signings.

Jeremy Wade on stage with interesting “fishy” seating supplied by Martyn from Fishing and Outdoors at Stratford.



Stratford Recreation Ground

If this rain keeps up, we will have to call this the Bandstand swim!



From the Leamington Angling Archives

Reading through their copy of the Anglers’ Weekly (every Saturday, one penny) Royal Leamington Spa Angling Association members could see the results from the Birmingham Anglers’ Association twenty seventh annual contest. The contest took place on the river Witham at Kirkstead on September 8th 1913. Little did they know that in less than a year, the country would be plunged into the “War to end all wars”.

Six Leamington anglers took part in the 1120 peg contest. Four trains were laid on to take all the anglers and their tackle to the venue. Only 415 weighed in (top weight 2 lbs 14oz) and our entrants were unplaced. Weighing had to be very accurate. 188th place for example was eight and three quarter ounces (8 ounces, 12 drams).

Various prizes were awarded including a Roach Rod presented by Messrs. S. Allcock & Co. of Redditch.



Napton Reservoir Pike

Geoff Hawkes sent us this…

Raymond Hawkes at Napton,with his one pike on a cold and crispy morning only seven to eight pound but chuffed to be out and catching.



End of the Season – Recreation Ground

Matchman Chris Hallows sent us this report from the Avon at Stratford, ‘Managed to book half a day off today so went for evening on the Avon at Stratford at last. Determined to use the stick one last time! Although it was coloured and not right for it, I managed a nice net of roach, dace, skimmers and hybrid.


One roach was pound and half and I pulled out of something big and strange at the end that went upstream, just could not lift its head up One last pop Saturday’



Jubilee fishing well already.

Hi Anthony. Had a great session at Jubilee Horseshoe today. 2 feeder rods out. 10 large bream and 10 tench. Kept me busy including 2 double hook ups! Thanks again for great fishery I am very happy with this result early on in the season.

Best rgds Ian Fraser-Mitchell


Warwickshire Avon Record Barbel – George Burton at Wasperton

Hi Anthony, 

I thought you’d like to know that a new Warwickshire Avon record barbel was taken from LAA waters. I’ve kept it quiet until now as I didn’t like to think the area might suffer undue angling pressure.  The Barbel Society will not formally accept it as the river record without two witnesses and, as I usually fish alone that is always likely to be tricky, but they would like the image for their website. The current formal river record is 16lbs 4ozs.

The fish weighing 16lbs 10ozs was taken on meat after a 15 minute fight just as the light started to fade at Wasperton. 

So that’s the rivers done with for now and, after a whole winter’s efforts with very little to show for it, this fish was a quite wonderful way to sign off!

Kind regards



Snitterfield Reservoir

Hi Anthony

Some photos of catches today (8th March) from Snitterfield Res. A 25lb plus catch and a 20lb plus catch for George Howe and Vince Kingham , some nice size bream and roach caught mainly on red maggots and pinkies , excellent day 👍




College Pool – Secrets Revealed!

When the weather is cold and the water is too, fish often group together where there is food or shelter from predators. How do we know where they might be? Well, here’s a useful indication. Whilst surveying the depth of College Pool, the fish in this image were seen closely grouped right against the near bank.





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