Leamington Angling Newsletter November 2019

Darren Cox at Jubilee Pools



New Pegs at College Pool

Steve Smith has joined the Leamington Angling Committee and has immediately set about improving the pegs at College Pool together with fellow committee member Ron Storr and Wasperton Work Party (see below).


College Pool

Now I’ve finished my decorating, I just need to go down to College Pool and throw all my paint pots and plastic bottles in the long grass. Job done!

A. Idiot

p.s. While I’m there, I’ll steal the bags of sand and cement that were delivered for the new pegs.


Wasperton Work Party

The track down to the river at Wasperton has benefitted from the removal of three gates and now the work party are repairing the track to make access even better.

Very soggy conditions although the sun did come out for a short burst followed by more rain.


Napton Early Morning

Keith Friswell


Fish Care & Handling

Leamington Angling now has some of the best waters in the Midlands and they are producing more quality fish than ever. With this in mind, it is essential that we are all properly prepared to handle fish carefully so that they can be returned in good condition. Most members are fully conversant with the following, but please read it.


All members must have a suitable sized landing net and unhooking mat.

On Association still waters, barbless hooks only. This includes lures & trebles.

If you want to photograph your catch, make sure you prepare. Keep the fish on the unhooking mat and preferably get another angler to take the picture. Never stand up holding a fish for a photo.

I sometimes like to take a snap of a fish, so I net it, put it on the unhooking mat, unhook it, take the photo and it goes straight back. No need to touch the fish in many cases. The unhooking mat is a simple fold-up one that just goes in my box.


So to remind us:-

Suitable sized landing net – bigger fish, bigger net obviously

Suitable unhooking mat and of course, disgorgers/forceps as appropriate.

best regards



Reg Talbot at Snitterfield Reservoir

Jim, Andy and I love the Wasperton stretch at this time of year but it looks a mess (flooding) at the moment.

BTW, I had this little jem from Snitterfield on a small pellet on feeder down the side.

As Thad is often telling me, they don’t half fight well from the reservoir.


Reg Talbot


Snitterfield Reservoir Again

Hi Anthony,

I would be grateful if you could please forward the attached photos to Thad. Tell him they’re from a regular customer, he should be able to guess who. I never seem to have caught much when he does his round but I tell him they come on the feed later on.


Paul Hitchman


George Burton – Big Bream from Wasperton

Hi Anthony

During the high water, I managed to sneak a few hours at Wasperton and took this perfect  bronze bream of 6lbs 8ozs from a deep slack on a lobworm during the afternoon.

Kind regards

George Burton


Wayne Morgan – First Visit to Jubilee

Hi Anthony,

On Friday, I fished the Island Lake for the first time since joining this year at the Stoneleigh show, and to have two bites and land this 16lb 4oz on my first visit is a real inspiration to winter fishing. Although this is by far not the biggest fish, it was a welcome site on my first visit to the lakes which I will certainly plan to be a long standing member going forward.


Wayne Morgan


Paul & JoFish catch some stunning Jubilee Carp

November already, and plenty of rain 

3 trips out, and already had a few beauties. 2 nice commons early November for JoFish.

Next time after moving around, JoFish managed a lovely linear mirror and Paul  a stunning chunky 23 pound 8oz mirror. Result!

Third time out after severe rain and the water was very high in the lake I cast to the island and only 15 minutes later a take produced a beauty, 23 pounds 9oz mirror. WOW! The only take but no complaints.  

All fish in great condition for the winter ahead.  Hoping the weather will stay mild and dry until Christmas to tempt some more out. As always, a treat to fish at Jubilee Pools.  Well done Neil, Ros and the work party. 

Best regards

Paul and JoFish


Kelvin Tallett at the Lido

Apologies Kelvin, I missed this from last month’s newsletter. Some really excellent fish in flood conditions.

Is that a roach!?



Message from Ros @ Jubilee

Jubilee Pools lost an old friend this week. Eddie Beard, a regular on the Horseshoe Lake, died peacefully on Nov 27th, aged 88yrs.


Eddie was a popular, well respected member. He had a great affinity with horses and dogs and as shown in the photo, was adored by the Bailiffs dogs ! ( please note the pot of luncheon meat specially prepared for the dogs). Eddie was a great character and will be sadly missed by all that knew him but he has left us many happy memories !! Rest in peace old friend.

Ros & Neil


Jacob Wilson with Trevor Northan

Hi Anthony thought you would like to see the result of a few sessions of childrens Wednesdays fishing instruction at Ryton.

Pictured is Jacob Wilson aged 9 who is one of the regular attendees that I have been coaching at Ryton.

Jacob is a very keen young angler and wanted to try his hand at pole fishing. He is seen here with a 13lbs catch of bream and carp taken on his first outing using a pole with me at Tunnel Barn Farm.

This photo together with an editorial description can also be seen on page 7 of the October issue of Pole Fishing Magazine on sale now.

It serves to show how valuable our members efforts are when they give just 2 hours of their time during school holidays.

I have full consent from Erica Wilson ( Jacob’s Mum ) for you to use his photo on our website. I think his smile says it all!

Kind regards,

Trevor Northan


Rowington – Grand Union

The weather took us away from our intended venue so rearranged for the Grand Union Rowington nr the Navigation pub.

Two new pegs and another fantastic day out despite getting drenched.


Mike Conlon having 15lb 4oz and losing a couple of large fish and me taking 39lb.

Time for a pint.

Phil Mattock


Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain

Click here for larger version         Poster Nige Williams


Ryton Carp – Paul Houghton

Hey, Barry said to send some photos over of some of the carp I have caught at Ryton Pool. Caught all on boilies and wafters. 

Kind regards, Paul Houghton





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