Leamington Angling Newsletter August 2019

Jon Arthur at the Lido

Morning Anthony,

I’ve done a nice article that’s in the latest ‘Natural Water Special’ issue of Match Fishing magazine. Shot it on the Lido, just to the right of the car park where it’s shallow and weedy, but still plenty of perch on worms, dace on caster and a few late roach on hemp and tares. Think the issue hits the newsagent shelves today (2nd Aug). Feel free to share the pics with LAA.


I’ve also just coached a pleasure angler who wanted some help pellet waggler fishing on Horseshoe Lake at Jubilee Pools, so will hopefully send you a few pics from that session too.

All the very best,

Jon Arthur

Angling Coach & Consultant  Tel: (+044) 7968 743369
Web: www.jonarthur.co.uk


Calverton Fish Farm

Hi Anthony,                     

Thank you for the newsletter, it’s an interesting read again as always.

I’m very sorry I didn’t send you the links to our social media accounts sooner, it’s been a busy old summer here on the farm.


If any of your members would like to see some of what we get up to here on the farm, then following our social media accounts will give them a little insight as we try to post relevant, up to date pictures of the work we are doing.

We have a Twitter account https://twitter.com/FishFarmEA
We also have an Instagram account https://instagram.com/national_fish_farm_ea?igshid=17148zl1lktjc
I hope you will find them interesting and your members will take a look and follow these. It’s nice for us to be able to show the rod licence buying public where a little bit of that duty goes.

Kind Regards.

Richard Pitman
Fish Farm Technical Officer 1- National Coarse Fish Rearing Unit- Calverton.
Environment Agency- Moor Lane, Calverton NG14 6FZ


Well Done Noah!


Ros asked me to send you a photo of my grandson Noah Lee with his first carp from Jubilee pools Island pool for the newsletter.

He is only 5 years old but is already into fishing and is always asking to come with me. 

After starting him on a 5m whip catching roach and perch for the first few sessions to teach him about the basics, he came with me on Monday 29th July for an afternoon session where we hooked this nice common of around 14lb. I stood behind him, helping hold the rod and helping him play it in before he netted it himself. 

We managed another 4 carp, all in good condition, before packing up. 

The other thing about Jubilee that Noah loves is there is so much wildlife there that he is fascinated by. He collected around a dozen frogs in an old pop-up pot as well as beetles and butterflies ( don’t worry ,we released them before we left). 

Kind regards

Mark Lee


Stratford Lido – Bathing Place

An old fishing friend of mine, Dennis Akerman, sent me these historic photos of the Lido when it was used as the local “bathing place”.

Dennis said…..

If you ever get complaints about boat traffic, show what anglers had to put up with years ago!              5 pictures attached 


Best wishes to you and yours,



JoFish & Paul at Jubilee

Hi Anthony

Enjoyed some great trips with my son Josef. (JoFish) during the summer holidays on the island pool and also taught him how to zig fish and how hectic it can be having to spod out and try different depths if you are not catching. We even managed to catch over 20 carp ranging between 14-18lbs.

First take on a boilie paul caught a stunning 22lb common always great to catch a big carp. Also JoFish has impressed me with his skills of margin fishing catching 2 chunks a common weighing in at 21lbs and a mirror weighing 20lbs looking at the pictures you can see how happy he was. Well done and hoping to catch more chunks this autumn. Thanks to Neil, Ros and team for keeping Jubilee Pools a great and safe place to fish.




Fishing on the BBC Website

A few basics on the BBC website.



Portobello Terrapin

I managed a few hours by the river. Which river? Well two actually.

I began by casting to the left with my float road. The river Leam. Double caster on a 14 brought a number of reasonable chub around the pound mark and, bearing in mind the water was still rising slightly and was very coloured, I thought this was a success. Switching to the feeder, I cast to the right into, yes you’ve guessed, the river Avon. I was at the confluence below Portobello bridge. Starting with sweetcorn, a small chub was followed by a very nice roach around 10 oz. The bites were difficult to hit so I changed to lobworm on a straight lead. I must have caught 10 chub, all peas in a pod, just under a pound each.

All this time I felt I was being watched and, as I turned round, two beady eyes were looking at me from the edge of the river. The creature wasn’t bothered when I gently lifted it from the water in the landing net.

Probably relieved to be out of the fast flow. After a short photo shoot, he went back into some slack water and swam off strongly. What species is this? I know it’s a terrapin but which species?

Best regards



Marcus Wilde – Jubilee Twenty

Marcus Wilde sent us this..

A great short session on the island pool tonight, they were having it large – 8 fish, including a stunning mid double leather and this brute @ 20lb 11oz


Leamington Angling Newsletter

How do you get your photos in the newsletter? Easy. Just send photos and a bit of information to anthony@spaphoto.co.uk

It doesn’t have to be a monster, just something that your fellow members might find interesting.

Wildlife, unusual species, interesting techniques, tackle or baits or just a nice catch of average fish which is what I usually get! Now where are my photos of stret-pegging a large black slug?!


Snitterfield Reservoir

Photos of catches from Snitterfield Res today (19th Aug) Mickey Durrant, Vince Kingham, George Howe excellent days fishing 👍


David Taylor – River Avon at Wasperton

Hi Anthony,

I had a wander about trying different pegs in the sheep field on the 9th August. Bounced Dendras across the bottom with a 1/4oz lead, caught a few Perch and Chub. The Perch in the photo was only about 1lb-1lb 4oz but absolutely blew me away with its stunning colours. Thrilled to catch it, they don’t have to be big to make your day.


The Barbel was caught on 18th Aug at Wasperton. Started fishing at 1.50pm and had it on the bank, in the weigh sling by 2.10pm. 10lb 8oz, weeded me three times during the fight but getting below it and giving it slack line it freed itself.

Tight lines, David.


Garry Hall at Jubilee & Ryton

Hello Anthony,

Couple of consecutive Sundays at Jubilee and Ryton gave up the carp pictured. The jubilee trip resulted in 13 fish in a morning.

Starting to get used to self takes…..




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