Leamington Angling Newsletter July 2019

Guru Team England Under 15s @ Jubilee

Guru Team England Under 15s 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🎣 Practice day! 🙌🏻 We hit the bank with our young guns today for an official team practice for the up and coming World Championship on Lake Vicario in Spain! 🇪🇸 Methods, tactics and tackle are looking to be a little different to the norm out there, with lots of feeding groundbait by hand, in temperatures exceeding 40 degrees! ☀️ It’s set to be a workout for the team! 💪🏼 Here’s the action from today’s training and prep day at the stunning Leamington Spa Angling Association’s Jubilee Pools, Ryton On Dunsmore.




Stratford – River Avon

Lido this evening 7lb 2oz on the lignum stick.


Phil Mattock.


More from the Lido…

Lido again this evening. 7m whip and a DH 6×4 lignum stick for 8lb including this 2lb 3oz billy.

Just a shame the photos don’t do it justice. Lovely big, bright coloured fish.

Happy days.

Phil Mattock


College Pool

Committee man and bailiff Ron Storr sent us this…..

Called in at College Pool and it was empty (of people) and looked great.

I set up a waggler rod, 3.5lb line through to a 16 red hook, using a loaded waggler don’t know the make except insert pattern with a red top and yellow bands.

Plumbed depth at about 10 foot and started on red maggot, catching Rudd and Roach on drop before nuisance Perch arrived.

So adjusted shotting to bulk down bottom and changed to corn and tares over hemp. Catch rate and size of fish improved immediately and stayed that way to the end of the session finishing with a great net weighing just over 19.5lb.



Chub munching Signal Crayfish on the River Cam

We have been out on the upper Cam near Trumpington, Cambridge. We have caught several chub over the years but this is a first for us. We are well aware that chub and other species such as perch eat the invasive Signal Crayfish but we had never seen one halfway through his lunch!

Signal Crayfish can have big impacts on fish populations. Predation of food (aquatic insects), predation on fish eggs and burrowing which introduces huge volumes of silt which can drop out on important gravel spawning riffles to name a few. They are also a big old block of protein for the fish which grow big enough to eat them which can account for some huge growth rates. One of the reasons we see so many big perch and chub on the upper Great Ouse

Cambridgeshire Cam Conservancy      The Wildlife Trusts


Snitterfield Reservoir

Hi Anthony,

I’ve found the fishing quite hard going of late, however I did have this beautiful 19lb common from Snitterfield off the surface.

It was a very hard fighter – those long runs nearly reaching the other side of the lake!


Richard Blackley


Grand Union – Tom o the Wood

I spent the afternoon on the canal by the Tom O the Wood, had two nice perch about pound each and a zander about 4 lbs, photographs attached.

Kind regards, Kim Southerton


Napton Tench


A great session at Napton today.  Arrived at 5am with no one else there and saw a barn owl fly over the car park.  I landed 23 tench to 5 1/2lb  with19 to flake on the float and 4 to pellet.  Best Napton session for around 15 years!  Fantastic.


Richard Kingscott


Revenge of the Crayfish

That other photo promoted this from a mate in Leicester. A chub he found that had choked itself on a crayfish.



EA Tench & Crucians from Calverton

At Jubilee Horseshoe, the EA brought us some tench larvae from the fish that we loaned them, the adults having already been returned. As a thank you, we also received some of the special DNA tested crucians from Calverton Fish Farm.



Some photos are above. About 200 crucians and around 2 million tench larvae.



Stratford Recreation Ground – river Avon

Had a nice summer evening with some small perch from the Recreation Ground 

Ethan from Stratford


Lucy’s Mill – Mike Cribdon

Mike Cribdon from Coventry was having a late afternoon session and took a few fish at Lucy’s Mill including some nice perch




River Leam – Welches Meadow

Hi Anthony.  I’ve had a couple of productive sessions on the Leam at Welches Meadow. Its a great shady area in the present heatwave and I have managed several pounds of fish in a couple of morning sessions. I don’t use a keep net so only a few pics showing a sample of fish in my landing net at intervals.

I used a small waggler close in with red maggots and most fish were perch, some well over a pound and a few roach to 4 oz and skimmers 8 oz.

Even the many canoes and other boats were not a problem as most fish under rod top in shade.

Best rgds   Ian FM


David Taylor – River Avon at Wasperton

Hi Anthony, popped to Wasperton on Saturday evening(20th July) for three hours fishing as the river was up slightly with a bit of colour. Fished the field above the bottom car park stile with Bacon Grill hair rigged on a size ten Drennan Super Specialist hook to thirty inches of six pound Sub Surface fly leader below an opened up 40g maggot feeder filled with Hemp, 3mm Halibut pellets and finely chopped meat on eight pound Stren mainline on a 0.75lb tc rod. 

Not a big Barbel but at 9lb 8oz a nice fish, went well on the lighter gear I am using this season, had a snotty Bream (plagued with them this season) as well. Weighed the Bream as the sling was wet, out of interest, estimated 4lb,actual 3lb 15oz, smallest one I have caught this season. Started fishing 5.15pm, back home by 8.30pm.

Tight lines, David.


R O A C H !

So I said to George Burton…

“….perhaps you could let me have a photo of a big roach for the newsletter. There’s a challenge for you!”

and by return……

Thank you Anthony, 

Try the attached! 

The mat shot is 1.3 from Napton. The net shot is 1.12 from GUC Fosse Way. 




Hi Anthony
I have a friend who has a new pair of Snowbee thigh length fishing waders UK men’s size 13. In the box, never worn and is looking for £10.00. I didn’t know if any of your committee or members would be interested.
Kind regards Sarah

Interested? Contact Anthony Simmons, Secretary, Leamington Angling Association


Jubilee Horseshoe – Carp

Andy Smith sent us this…

Enjoyable few hours surface fishing this afternoon at Jubilee Pools near Ryton on Dunsmore, good fun fishing on the Horseshoe pool, had loads of fish between us, nothing big but great laugh and boy do those fish fight hard, looking forward to getting back again in the near future. — with Joanna Smith at Jubilee Pools Ryton On Dunsmore.



Jubilee Carp

Matt Scoffham sent us this..

just a quick one to say I fished Jubilee yesterday and had this beauty in an 8 fish haul off Peg 8, all carp to 16lb 8oz including this one at 8lb 9oz

   and later……….

‘broke my PB at Jubilee Pools 23lb Common.’








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