Leamington Angling Newsletter June 2019

Charlie’s pb at Jubilee

Hi Anthony, me and my lad Charlie have just had a cracking evening on the Horseshoe lake at Jubilee Pools.  2 carp and 5 bream taken on 8mm pellets. This was Charlie’s PB carp as you can see by his face !!

Kind Regards

Andy Green


Mike Bothwell at Napton Reservoir

Hi Anthony, fished Napton this morning (Tuesday 25th). Had 4 tench on float fished red maggot close in, best 6lb 12 oz (photo) + numerous small rudd. Weather wet but very humid. 

Mike Bothwell

Mike Bothwell


College Pool

From Gillian Mary Wilson…

Please think before you fish close to trees or lily pads . Yesterday I had to go in the water at College Pool to rescue a Carp tethered to a surface float, the same day I retrieved tackle from a Carp I caught and to top it all removed braided line with bait still in the water from a tree .

When you look at the size of the terminal tackle it is way in excess of what is required for the water. The actions of the few will spoil it for the majority



Andy Wheildon – Napton Tench

Andy Wheildon took this pb tench at 6lb 5oz at Napton on the float.



Snitterfield Reservoir Crucians & Silvers

Paul Hitchman is certainly catching plenty at Snitterfield Reservoir.


River Avon – Ready for the New Season

Phil Mattock (our Match Secretary), Andy Wheildon (long standing member) and Thad Kubiak (committee member and bailiff) were out and about at the Lido and Recreation Ground before the start of the river season, clearing some pegs and putting up some signs.

and……..  New Water……..

Good news for members is that the Association has secured the use of some more pegs downstream of our Lido stretch (used to be Stratford DAA). A bit of a walk from the car park but well worth it. Lots of chub, roach and dace.



Chaz Andrews – Chub

Hi Anthony, Trust you are well and still getting the chance to go fishing amongst your other duties With a house move in 2017/18 ( living in Rugby now) and 5 grandchildren, have not done much fishing during the last 2 years

Kept reading your Newsletters – thank you for that (Did not even get around to buying a book last year)

Offchurch 16th 5 AM to 10 AM. Despite the high levels I thought it was worth a try

I fished 2 swims /

1st swim bit of struggle had couple of chub in about hour < 2lb.  2nd swim I found one with a steady flow – the swim with the straight high bank bushes at the start  ( estimate water was about 4 -5 ft up)

I put in a bed of soaked pellets / maggots with a big swim feeder. I tried worms and maggots,  on swim feeder small roach & chub, and some decent knocks. So I switched to bread flake  on a link ledger, had 8 chub above 2 lb up to 4 lb – they looked like winter fish – fat and shiny

 Offchurch 17th 6  PM to 9 PM. As I had bit of bait left – I had to use it up! I fished different swim further down past the big ash tree ( Flat bank under trees – normally it’s a bit shallow, but it is nice an flat so you get steady flow)

 I had some decent roach, a few Perch, and some chub all on float, trotting worms and maggots just in out of the crease main /flow. But again the bigger chub took the bread flake. The best was 4 ½ picture attached.

The river and the fish appear to be in great condition ( compared to when I last fished it in 2016)Best Regards, Chaz Andrews


Napton Reservoir – No Keepnets

As from 1st July, keepnets will not be permitted at Napton Reservoir. This is in line with the Association’s policy of ensuring fish welfare. Those of you who fish Napton will already be aware of the difficulties with the rocky shore line and varying water levels.

All Waters:-

The use of keepnets at all other waters is unaffected  but please make sure that keepnets are laid out in deep water and remember that any fish over 3 lbs must be returned to the water right away.

All anglers must have an appropriate sized LANDING NET and for all larger fish, anglers must use an UNHOOKING MAT. Fish welfare is top priority.

On all Association still waters, barbless hooks ONLY. This applies to all types of fishing including lures and carp rigs.

Carp sacks are not permitted on any Association waters.

Safe Rigs:- All fishing rigs of any type MUST enable the fish to escape unharmed should a breakage occur. When float fishing, the hook link MUST be weaker than the main line. When fishing a feeder or bolt rig, in the event of a breakage at any point, the lead or feeder must detach. This avoids the possibility of a fish becoming entangled in vegetation or other snags. See Gillian’s photo and comments above.


Garry Hall – Ryton Carp

Hello Anthony,

Been having lots of tench at Ryton lately, however this nice Common decided to take my boilie bottom bait  in the middle of the day.

Garry Hall


Hi Anthony,went to college pool today and saw this while walking round to find a peg.(see photos).

Someone had a sh*t on the bank nearest the track and left that filthy mess. Maybe a mention in the newsletter that such behaviour is unacceptable?


Snitterfield Reservoir Crucians

David Barry sent us this photo of a wonderful net of Crucians from Snitterfield Reservoir




First Day at the Lido….Stratford river Avon

Hi Anthony,

Thought you may like this picture for the newsletter.

Caught by a visiting angler, Alan Clark on the first day of the season on the Lido just round the corner from the Swans Neck.

He had a great day with Chublets, Roach and Perch on the feeder and this one and a large eel down the nearside bank. He was chuffed when I said that I would let you have it for the newsletter, so with his pic on the newsletter I am sure that he will hot footing it to get a book.

Cheers, Ron Storr


Watch out, there are Poachers about…..

From our friends at Barford AA..

One of our members found this baited hand line tied to a tree, it was braid. We have since had reports of other lines found on other pegs.

I ask members to be vigilant and report anymore found on our waters and any people acting suspiciously.



Napton Carp and Tench – Neil Grant

Just been blessed with this beauty no scales but guessing about 25lb 😃 — at Napton Reservoir. 


also this nice tench

Neil Grant 


from the Sunday Times:-

RSPCA hardliners ‘to seek a ban on angling’

If you have previously donated to the RSPCA, as many of us have, now might be an appropriate time to reconsider.

see this article…   https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/rspca-hardliners-to-seek-a-ban-on-angling-xtx5k3tk9


Recreation Ground

LAA bailiff Jason Haden had a nice opening day on the river…

Had 2 pike lost a few, was very weedy on the feeder making it impossible, and went onto the float.


Opening Day on the Avon at Wasperton

I fished Wasperton on opening day and had a nice chub first cast. Around 4 lbs. This was followed by a small one and then nothing. The water was pulling through so I moved down towards Hampton Lucy weir where it gets wider.


After missing a few bites, the rod was nearly pulled in by a carp about 8 lbs.



Frank Bristow at Snitterfield Reservoir

I took Thad’s advice once again and ended up with these few kippers at Snitterfield.


Jubilee Carp

Gavin Brown sent us this…

Fished 1 til 5pm on peg 17 on island pool at jubilee for 3 Bream, moved along the bank to get on the Carp in the pouring rain and reset up on peg 22. Got absolutely soaked through but it was worth it as had 2 in a 20 minute spell in the evening, caught a rod length out on a big chunk of luncheon meat. 14lb Common and an old gnarly 21lb 8oz Mirror. Made getting wet worth it!



Illegal Fishing

Whenever we get a spell of warm weather or a bank holiday or both, we often get a flurry of “anglers” who think it’s OK to fish with no rod licence, no membership or day ticket and take the fish home to eat.


Our members are our eyes and ears on the bank so, if you see something, report it to the EA Hotline 0800 80 70 60 or to the Association 01926 312319. Do it immediately, not the next day, then there’s a chance we can do something.


Colin Arkless on the Avon at Wasperton

Decided on a day on the Avon at Wasperton.

This time the pole stayed at home and out came the waggler rod.

Fished a foot over, dragging bronze maggot.

Managed a nice 6lb bag in a few hours



Environment Agency – Tench

You may recall that the Environment Agency borrowed some tench from Horseshoe for their Calverton fish farm. This is from Richard Pitman….

Morning Anthony,

The Tench spawning went ok on Friday even though the fish were a mixed quality batch.

Looking at the incubating eggs, there are mixed results but this sometimes happens if the females are thin before ovulation.

I’m attaching a few pictures of the eggs post fertilisation so you can see the early stages of development.


Kind Regards



Wayne Cooke. In aid of Myton Hospice

Anthony, Please find a pic for the newsletter.

Wayne caught a couple of bream then this lovely 13lb 9oz mirror at Jubilee Pools (The Island lake) caught on a 12mm bloodworm pop up (Pic attached)

Wayne Cooke at Jubilee

Leamington Angling Member Wayne Cooke is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro from the 27th June in aid of Myton Hospice.

He has fully funded the trip himself with a Just Giving page set up for any members that might want to support the work of this incredible charity where Wayne works as a volunteer half a day a week. Neil & Ros kindly sponsored Wayne’s climb when they learnt of the trip on the bank. Link to Just Giving Page:


All the best



More Napton Tench

Ian berry had four tench like this at Napton



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