Leamington Angling Newsletter August 2013

On Saturday 7th September Jubilee Pools will be hosting a match in aid of the Air Ambulance. Both Pools will be in use for the match so they will not be available for members. Spectators will be welcome but subject to parking availability. If you are attending on that day, try to share transport to reduce the number of vehicles. many thanks


Big Carp from Leamington Angling Waters

Hi Anthony,

Here are a couple of nice photos of George Ayley making the most of his school holidays and the current glorious summer weather.

The common weighed in at just under 18 lbs and was in excellent condition and caught from the new fishing platforms at Ryton Pools. But this was soon topped by a PB from Jubilee Island pool. A magnificent mirror carp of just over 22lbs and again in perfect condition.            JB

GeorgeAyleyRyton Pool Carp   GeorgeAyleyJubilee Carp PB


College Pool

Hi Anthony,

I fished College pool on Sunday 28th July. On arriving home I couldn’t find my reading glasses in a black D&A case. Managed to get back to the pools on the Tuesday but couldn’t find them. Has anybody contacted you about finding glasses in a black case?

Regards,                  Andy Southam


The Changing Face of River Fishing

Remember the “good old days” when the Avon was full of roach and chub which you could catch all day on maggot? Well this was because the river was also full of gunge from various sources such as Finham sewage works which gave the roach an endless supply of grub and the coloured water gave them the confidence to feed.

Back in 2008, Gareth Purnell published an article in TCF magazine in which he interviewed Charles Crundwell, senior technical specialist for the Environment Agency Fisheries Department in the Midlands. Charles explained exactly why our river fishing has changed over the years and how anglers should approach the Warwickshire Avon and similar rivers.

This is easily the best article published on this topic and gives a great insight into fish behaviour in rivers and how to catch them.

click on the link below………



New Pegs at Jubilee 

You will have noticed the superb new pegs at Jubilee along the steep bank on the Island lake. There is still work to be done in improving the access to the pegs (steps etc) and the next section to be tackled will be the point (pegs 18/19).

Video 25 0 00 07-12

To complete this work we are going to need a considerable amount of rubble, old bricks, stone etc to backfill the pegs. So, if you have any rubble from building work or you know where there is some, let us know. Better still………………

……drop some off at Jubilee.


Work Parties – Chairman 

Our esteemed Chairman, Ian Clarke, has emerged from hospital having had his knees “sorted”. He is recovering well but it will be a while before he is back in action. As one of the mainstays of the work parties that work tirelessly to maintain our waters, Ian will not be able to resume any work of this sort for a considerable time.

So now is the time for members to volunteer to help out. workparty

We need members to help with work at Jubilee, Ryton Pool, College Pool, the Avon at Wasperton and Snitterfield Reservoir. If you can spare an hour or two, let me know which water you can work on and we can make some arrangements. Give me a call on 01926 312319. Best regards, Anthony Simmons, Secretary


Important – No Night Fishing

Please note that there is no night fishing allowed on any Leamington Angling waters. Please report any infringement of this rule because it may put our water leases at risk.


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